Product comparison

Single Pass

The Pinnacle of Productivity in Professional Cleaning

The frontal location of twin water-jets that lead our single pass machines allow for the entire cleaning process to be completed in one motion, producing outstanding results with maximum efficiency. Single pass machines are especially useful in larger areas such as sports halls, long corridors or shopping centres, though their unique maneuverability makes them equally effective in confined areas.



Dual Pass

Rapidly Dry, Thoroughly Clean

The combination of our contra-rotating brushes and the gravity feed water system allows our dual pass machines to produce unrivalled levels of cleanliness. Used in a forward and backward motion, the machines clean and dry as they work, leaving all of your surfaces deeply cleansed and ready for use within minutes.



Fast, effective cleaning

Product comparison

Square metres per hour cleaning productivity

The chart indicates the maximum floor cleaning productivity per hour of the individual Rotowash machines. The M45-ESC is an enhanced version of the M45B that also cleans escalators.







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