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Rotowash Spares and Consumables

Getting the Best Out of Your Machine

Rotowash machine parts and consumables combine the finest materials in manufacture with timeless craftsmanship in design and assembly and advanced technology in manufacturing and quality control to produce unrivalled levels of quality and durability.

Our additional parts and accessories incorporate many innovative features designed to enhance a number of qualities in the machines, such as operator safety, simplicity of use, effectiveness of clean, ease of maintenance and a long, hard-wearing life for your Rotowash machine.

Our replacement parts and consumables are approved ‘manufacturer original’, built to the same exacting standards as the Rotowash machines themselves, meeting the highest British and EEC Standards on quality and design without exception and without compromise.

By ordering your replacement items direct from Rotowash you can ensure our guarantee of quality and value. Call our team now on 020 8847 4545, they are waiting to help you get the best out of your machine.


Brush Range and Applications

Rotowash standard black bristle brushes come with a choice of colour coded cores and end-caps to help raise cleaning safety standards. Available in black, blue, red, yellow and green, we offer you total freedom in designing your cleaning and infection control policies.

Rotowash brushes are specifically designed to enhance the cleaning method of the Rotowash range of professional floor cleaning machines. Constructed from high quality polypropylene materials and meeting the highest British and EEC Standards on quality, safety and design, Rotowash brushes will work effectively with most modern cleaning chemicals to produce a professional standard of cleaning.

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