The Rotowash Advantages:

  • Reduces costs – the same machine for multiple applications;
  • Value for money – Rotowash floor cleaning machines are designed to bring you efficiency and profitability;
  • Increases productivity – faster cleaning & quicker cleaning times;
  • Increases quality – achieves cleaner and more hygienic floors;
  • Smart design – ensures effective, effortless cleaning results;
  • Versatility – the Rotowash can clean into corners, recesses and along skirtings without leaving brush marks or splashes on your walls;
  • Portability – compact and easy to move around with built in carry wheels or over greater distances on a Rotocart;
  • Durability – our machines are manufactured using high quality products that if cleaned and cared for and regularly maintained will be long lasting for in excess of 7 years;
  • Social impacts – easy to use with free operator training for the life of the machine;
  • OPC switch – the “Operator Presence Control” device automatically stops the machine motor in the event of the handle being accidentally dropped, effectively cutting off the machine’s power when the operator is not safely in control of the machine;
  • Environmentally friendly – uses 90% less water and chemicals and the machine is 90% recyclable;
  • Double the cleaning action – our twin contra-rotating brushes rotate at 650 rpm, delivering a very efficient and effective cleaning action that conventional floor cleaning machines cannot match;
  • One robust pick up drum – is simple and economical to maintain. Our brushes use centrifugal forces to eject all of the dirty water onto the drum, which then mechanically flows into the wastewater tank;
  • Colour coded brushes – help to reduce the chances of cross contamination and so enhance hygiene;
  • Brush diameter – large diameter brushes give higher surface speed (5 metres per second) and reduce working time;
  • Brush removal – remove and clean brushes in seconds without the need for Allen Keys or tools. Experience has taught us that operators are less inclined to remove and clean brushes after use where tools are required. This potentially comprises hygiene and can result in cross contamination of areas;
  • Clean water tanks – ensure your floors are always cleaned using clean water. The tank itself can simply be lifted out of the machine and is extremely easy to clean;
  • Recovery tank – located to the rear of the machine simply lifts out of the machine and is extremely easy to empty and clean. The dirty solution is efficiently removed from the central drum by a stainless-steel blade, which can be changed quickly without the need for specialist tools;
  • Service after-sales – a dedicated team of Engineers, based throughout the UK, all fully trained to service and maintain your Rotowash floor cleaning machines;
  • Warranty period – three years cover for any material or manufacturing defects, excluding misuse and normal wear and tear and a 1-year warranty for the battery;
  • Quality assurance – our management and production processes are regularly audited to ISO 9001:2015 standards, OVE Austria and conform to the highest standards of design, quality and safety set by CE (Conformity European).


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