Rotowash’s unique twin contra rotating brush system is the key design feature. As each rotating Rotowash bristle makes contact with the cleaning surface the dirt and waste water is instantly flicked onto the tough rotating pick-up drum, which deposits the grime into the waste tray. This then leaves the bristles clean before they come into contact with the floor surface again.

The Rotowash floor cleaning machine is easy to use, just like an upright vacuum cleaner. Simply guide it in the direction you want to go and let the machine do all the work.

Typically, very little water is needed to clean sufficiently. The operator has full control of how much water is put down given the particular cleaning situation and will quickly appreciate that only small amounts of water is needed to get the job completed satisfactorily.

Using 90% less water than conventional cleaning machines, Rotowash scrubs, rinses and dries all in the same action. Hard floors are left dry enough to walk on almost immediately and carpets within just a few hours.

A Rotowash floor cleaning machine simply scrubs and cleans all floor types without damaging the surface or grouting. With up to 100,000 contra rotating brush bristles cleaning the surface, Rotowash delivers exceptional efficiency and cleaning power, with soft, medium or hard brushes reaching deep into the irregularities of all types of floor surfaces, from tiles to carpets and so many more.

Whilst it is always important to take care when walking on hard floors that have just been cleaned, a Rotowash flooring cleaning machine effectively dries as it goes. This means that your floors will be safe to walk on within a matter of minutes. When you use your Rotowash to clean carpets, you should avoid walking on them for a few hours.

The machines are supplied with the standard black brushes. These brushes are usually ideal for all floor types including tiles, carpets, stone etc. However, a range of softer polishing through to the stiffer scrubbing brushes are available to ensure that Rotowash is suitable for any application. Additionally, our standard black brushes have also been colour coded in red, yellow, green and blue to help you to prevent any cross contamination when cleaning different areas.

More details on where you can use your brushes can be found here.

This will depend on the quality of the floor you are using, whether the brushes are being cared for and regularly cleaned and also how dirty the floor is.

A full guide to how long the brushes will last can be found here.

The single pass machines feature frontal located water-jets utilising a pump system. This allows for the entire cleaning process to be completed in one motion. In contrast, the dual pass machine has a gravity feed water system (no water pump), which is used in a forward and backward motion. This allows our machines to produce unrivalled levels of cleanliness.

More details on both the single pass and dual pass machines can be found here.

Rotowash supplies colour coded brushes (Red, Green, Blue or Yellow) for specific use in various locations. This helps reduce the risk of cross contamination in hygiene critical situations. Additionally, Rotowash provides initial and ongoing operator training to ensure that correct cleaning and operational procedures are complied with and that operators use the equipment in a safe and hygienic manner. Trained operators can also be certificated to assist organisations in achieving their accreditation requirements.

Rotowash floor cleaning machines are designed and manufactured at our state of the art facilities in Wagna Austria.

Please call us on 020 8847 4545 anytime between 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday inclusive. Alternatively, you can email us on or book a service visit here.

The warranty covers all manufacturing defects in respect to materials and workmanship.
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or neglect. Further, the warranty will be deemed void if the machine’s identification and rating plate has been removed or if the machine has been modified, in anyway, by an unauthorised third party.

The warranty is stated in section 7 of our Conditions of Contract, found here.

Yes, when you first receive your Rotowash floor cleaning machine an instruction manual will be included within the box. A copy of this can be found here.

If, for any reason, you require an additional manual, then please call us on 020 8847 4545 anytime between 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday inclusive. Alternatively, you can email us on

Rotowash machines are easy to clean. Most moving parts are encased in cast alloy, leaving smooth surfaces that are easily wiped down. The pump unit is self-contained and is easily detached for cleaning and flushing. Trays, lids and brushes are easily removed for cleaning and sanitising. Importantly, no additional tools are required to maintain your Rotowash.

Cleaning instructions can be found here.

Rotowash brushes should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. In order to maintain even wear, the front and back brushes should be rotated regularly. Brushes should be regularly soaked overnight, in an upright position to both straighten and soften the bristles. This should be done in buckets of warm water and mild detergent.

Cleaning guidance can be found here.

Nothing. Training is provided free of charge for the lifetime of the machine.

Yes, but only so long as:

  • The pH value of the chemical is between 6.5 and 9.5. Any chemical with a ph value outside this range should not be used and if done will invalidate the warranty;
  • The chemical is non foaming;
  • The chemical is non hydrochloride. Should a hydrochloride-based chemical be used, this will invalidate the warranty.

Additionally, please note that neat chemicals should never be poured directly into a Rotowash machine nor should you mix chemicals in the Rotowash tank.

You will be able to use your Rotowash on virtually any floor surface, regardless of whether it is a carpet or a hard floor.

A full list of all the floors that a Rotowash has been used to clean is available here.


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