Fast, effective cleaning

The Rotowash System

High quality cleaning across the board

The same Rotowash floor cleaning machine can be used to clean either carpets or any hard floors with unmatched cleaning quality. Further details can be found at flooring types.

uneven floor

It’s not what it does but HOW it does it

Efficiency by design

Rotowash’s unique twin cylindrical contra-rotating brushes are housed within a strong compact aluminium unit containing separate tanks for both clean and dirty water. The cleaning process is initiated through the mechanical action of the brushes, by the application of clean water and by using a suitable detergent on the surface to be cleaned. The cleaning water dissolves the dirt, which is thrown onto the revolving drum by the two brushes and is then diverted into the wastewater tray.

The Rotowash floor cleaning machine can be used as easily as a vacuum cleaner. It is handy to use, light to move and to control, effectively gliding on the floor as though it was on an icy surface. Added to this, its tilting handle and height of 21 cm means it can easily access areas under tables, desks, beds and other furniture.

Rotowash technology – the keys to its performance

Unlike traditional disc machines that use pads rotating on a horizontal plain, Rotowash’s unique twin cylindrical contra-rotating brush system applies 10 times more pressure to the floor as opposed to conventional rotary scrubbing machines.

The unique action of the brushes and the high pressure being applied to the floor enables the bristles to release the trapped dirt, deep within carpet pile or hard floors’ irregularities that is left behind by other types of floor cleaning machines.

1. Rest & transport position

rest and transport position

2. Working position

working position

3. Roller brushes

ROTOWASH = 10-fold increase in brush pressure to the floor


Result : rapid, efficient and effective

Fast, effective cleaning

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